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Alcohol and drug policy

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Anti Corrosione Sardegna srl recognizes that the use of alcohol and drugs and other similar substances by employees and / or collaborators negatively affects their duty for efficient work performance and can have serious consequences that are harmful to themselves, to safety, efficiency and productivity of other employees. The use, possession, distribution or sale of alcohol or illicit drugs or those subject to control and not prescribed by the doctor on the Company premises and / or during all company activities even in different locations is strictly prohibited and constitutes a reason for adequate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Those who consider themselves employees of the aforementioned substances may seek medical advice and decide to follow an appropriate therapeutic treatment without delay before their condition can negatively affect their ability to work and be a danger to their safety and / or to their colleagues.
Anti Corrosione Sardegna srl recognizes alcohol and drug addiction as a treatable condition; therefore it is available to employees who consider it necessary for any information and for effective collaboration for the purpose of a more effective recovery and ensures that those who are determined to do so will be assisted by all the guarantees provided by the current legal and contractual provisions and in the most absolute respect for the dignity of the person.
A continuous commitment of training and information on the subject is required with the involvement of experts with regard to the effects of the consumption of alcoholic beverages and of narcotic and psychotropic substances, even occasionally and in reduced doses as well as prior to work performance, with particular attention to alterations of psychophysical balance, judgment, possible danger situations and short-term reactions.
It is a duty for Anti Corrosione Sardegna srl to carry out the checks required by the current legislation for "safety sensitive" tasks and it is a duty / obligation for the workers, who carry out these tasks identified in the organization's risk assessment document, undergo the checks in question which will be carried out ensuring respect for the dignity of the workers concerned and their right to privacy. The checks will be performed using the best instrumentation currently available and approved and will be possible even in cases where there are valid and justified reasons / indications sufficient to assume that an employee is under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs and psychotropic substances or to follow of an accident, in full respect of the dignity and privacy of the worker.
The suitability of the employee for the actual work performed, ascertained in the forms of law and descending from the state of dependence on alcoholic and / or narcotic drinks even if subsequent to medical treatment, may result in the termination of the employment relationship for justified reason. During the working activity it is always forbidden to introduce, administer and take alcoholic beverages, drugs and similar.

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