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Environmental protection policy

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By introducting the aforementioned Management System and considering the protection and safeguarding of the environment as an indispensable objective to be achieved and constantly improved, Anti Corrosione Sardegna defines the following principles of environmental policy which intends to to reach:
 to ascertain the effects of the activities carried out by the company on the environment, through in-depth analysis of the natural resources needed, of the significant environmental aspects, of the use of equipment and dangerous substances;
 to maintain an effective Integrated Management System that takes into account the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard;
 always to ensure compliance with the applicable legal provisions and other requirements that the organization subscribes to and which concern corporate environmental aspects;
 to adopt management procedures that minimize any significantly negative environmental impact and that guarantee an operational control aimed at monitoring the identified environmental impacts;
 to adopt the technological processes that offer the lowest environmental impacts where technically and economically sustainable;
 to prevent pollution and adopt adequate measures to mitigate impacts;
 to effectively use the natural and energy resources needed for production processes, promoting consumption reduction activities;;
 to formulate objectives for continuous improvement of environmental performance;;
 to provide full cooperation to local communities and competent bodies, ensuring complete transparency in information and communication to the outside;
 to promote a sense of responsibility towards the protection of the environment at each level of their organization, each within the scope of their respective duties and responsibilities;
 to to involve third party companies that work for and with the Company, to share the same criteria for environmental protection defined in this policy;

In order to fullfill these objetives Anti Corrosione Sardegna undertakes to:
 make use of internal or external specialist councils, to periodically monitor the application of the laws and regulations in force, integrating them with the systematic evaluations carried out by the persons in charge, to limit the risks of events, and of complaints / sanctions by the appointed bodies;
 periodically examine the Integrated Management System, revising it following new legislative obligations or event analysis, with the aim of providing all employees with constantly updated information and control tools to prevent impacts;
 promote information and training to the whole person

ale on the environment in relation to its activities and this policy, with the aim of involving them in the prevention and protection of the environment for them and for others;
 improve waste management activities, encouraging their recovery and / or recycling with respect to disposal; This Policy is disclosed to all employees and disseminated through the usual forms of communication.

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