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Sandblasting with ARMEX system

Sandblasting with ARMEX system

This system uses sodium bicarbonate as a cleaning substance which, being completely non-toxic, lends itself to various applications where a very low environmental impact is required. Furthermore the cleaning of the surfaces takes place by chemical and not by mechanical effect, without the slightest incision of the surfaces. Therefore it is usable for delicate materials like glass, facades of civil constructions, historical works, monuments etc. It is also indicated for removing graffiti and and dirt caused by the smog.


Surfaceces cleaning and preparation is a crucial step for the success of the coating to be performed later. It can be of various types: liquid, powdered, hot-rolled. One of the most high-performance and multi-purpose types of preparation is sandblasting. It consists of an abrasive jet using compressed air. The mechanical action guarantees optimum cleaning that can be more or less pushed depending on the surface to be cleaned. Typical treated surfaces: carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloys, aluminum, marble, wood etc. executable according to the final result obtainable with different types of methods and abrasives

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