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Anti Corrosione Sardegna

Azienda leader nell'applicazione di cicli protettivi speciali come la metallizzazione, rivestimenti ceramici, epossifenolici, epossidici senza solventi alimentari, rivestimenti protettivi speciali caricati con vetro.




Metal treatment and coating



Anti Corrosione Sardegna s.r.l. is an italian company specialised  in metal treatment and coating. We operate in the new industrial area of Portovesme, in south Sardinia, since 1994, by performing sandblasting, painting, galvanisation and metalisation, innel lining of exchanger tubes, maintenance and repairing of industrial installations. 

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Thanks to the new installations, we are able to treat metal structures of different shapes and sizes, of complete plants and machine of any kind. We have considerable experience in new techniques of application of special protective systems such as metalisation with the Thermal Arc Spray System, blasting of turbine components with abrasives such as sodium bicarbonate and application of antacid treatment.

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Anti Corrosione Sardegna s.r.l. is able to operate in any logistic condition, with particular installation in gear, such as high altitude and confines spaces, even when operating on night shifts and holidays. Our company manages succesfully corrosion problem caused by aggressive subsustances (gases and liquids), high temperatures and special production processes.

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Some of our projects


Complete painting and periodic maintenance

San Basilio telescope

Complete painting

Savigliano crane

Silos thermal insulation painting

Buzzi Unicem

Complete painting of quay cranes and wheeled cranes

CICT Cagliari

Painting of gates and control chambers

ENAS Flumendosa dam

Sheet pile painting

Riccoboni SpA


Serbariu old mine locomotive



Sarlux tank



Sarlux distributor cover metalization



Alcoa overhead crane



CMF crane



Terna insulators siliconing



Fiberplast tanks



Tecnocasic hopper metalization



Horizontal road signs



Customer satisfaction is the basis of our existence and our success over time is based on it. To achieve and maintain this result we must have an open mind to changes, improvements and innovation, share knowledge and ideas through continuous training, listen to everyone’s improvement proposals, constantly question ourselves. Customer satisfaction is the basis of our existence and on which our success over time is based. 

ISO 9001 – Quality management systems

ISO 9001 is the certification that increases the value of products and services and company competitiveness on the market. An organization that chooses to adopt an ISO 9001 quality management system is able to differentiate itself from unqualified competition and increase its visibility and competitiveness, ensuring a greater orientation of all functions towards the final result and greater attention to the internal and external customer.


ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management systems

The certification of compliance with the ISO 45001 standard provides organizations with the fundamentals for an effective workplace health and safety management system. It allows to evaluate, prevent and reduce the risks related to the health and safety of work activities and improve the quality of life of human resources, reconciling development, productivity and motivation of personnel to create added value for the asset assessment of organizations.


ISO 14001-2015 – Environmental certification systems

ISO 14001 is an international standard with voluntary acceptance, applicable to any type of public or private organization, which specifies the requirements of an environmental management system. Anti Corrosion Sardegna srl is ISO 14001-2015 certified for the supply of metal treatment and coating services through the phases of: sandblasting, galvanizing, painting and treatments


Model 231 – Organization, management and control model

The Organizational Model 231 of risk prevention is an important tool for the company at organizational and management level because it offers the company the possibility of avoiding major problems and important sanctions. Organizational Model 231 of risk prevention is an important tool for company at organizational and management level because it offers the company the possibility of avoiding major problems and important sanctions


PPG Protective & Marine Coatings certification

Anti Corrosione Sardegna srl is a recognized applicator of anticorrosive protective agents PPG – Protective Coatings Certification PPG Protective & Marine Coatings


Qualification of Thermal Spray supplier

Anti Corrosione Sardegna has demonstrated ability to carry out thermal spray processes according to our internal procedure COA10-010 inspired by the AWS C2.23M / C2.23: 2003 / NACE No.12 standard, SSPC-CS 23.00 “Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Metallizing) of Aluminum, Zinc and Their Alloys and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of Steel “.


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